Monday, May 1, 2017


Alright, so SVCC just passed so I decided to do a cosplay list. And just in time for NYCC.

Not the perfect cosplay, but it really shows that families can participate too and have fun.

This guy really scared me. But on the inside he was really cool, I dont remember him saying no to anyone for taking his pic. He says most of his parts were improved at home and he bought from outside.

Ah! the Divas how could I forget them. Really gives you an urge to play HALO suddenly, doesnt it?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Here's a list of top apps for Your Blackberry

Now this doesn't limit you with blackberry only devices, but yeah it was written and aimed for a blackberry device. PROCEED at your own RISK!

Blackberry is THE Privacy Company though, lots can turn out badly getting in bed with Google and Facebook. Organizations may need each and every insight about our lives for marketing..but a few of us clients would prefer not to be promoted to day in and day out and that is the reason we utilize Blackberry. Perhaps in the minority, yet I don't introduce spymarket Apps...don't mind how great or valuable they are.

With that being said lets begin.


BlackBerry Messenger, better referred to today as BBM, is a dependably on, constantly associated application that unites you with family, companions and partners through moment talks, voice calls, picture sharing and that's only the tip of the iceberg! Presently praising its tenth commemoration, what was at one time a basic moment ambassador is currently a lot more. With components including associated applications, BBM Voice (Wi-Fi calling), Channels, stickers, PayPal and different installments, and cross-stage bolster, BBM is showing signs of improvement constantly. Include its upgraded security components, for example, private visit and the security of the PRIV, and you can remain associated because of protection.


I'm enormously involved into Evernote. Issue is Evernote is quite great, and matches up over all gadgets flawlessly. In case you're in a blended ecosystem there's truly nothing better. Evernote is very much upheld on BB10 too. Presently along comes Surface with OneNote, and the new Surface Book with pen is really astonishing. Evernote dependably had messy penmanship when it worked. So there is strife among these apparatuses, yet in the event that it doesn't adjust over the biological community, that is #1 for me, in the productivity and notes department.

Google's Hangouts

Like BBM, Google Hangouts keeps you in contact with loved ones. Can you send texts, as well as support for voice and video talk. One of the principle components is the making of gatherings, enabling you to speak with up to 150 individuals in one, now and again disordered, talk. This is awesome for remaining associated with family, companions, social gatherings and games groups. Late forms of Android OS included support for SMS informing, making it less demanding to continue track with different informing sorts. Utilize Hangouts on your PRIV to stay in contact, particularly when you can't hang out, all things considered.

Honorable Mention

Google apps, which includes, but not limited to, Google Maps, Gmail, Google+, Youtube and google Photos. Why I put it here is because many dont like their stock apps and can opt for their google counter-part. eg, camera, email client, or gallery.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Hello guys I'm Back

Sorry, I was away from the scene lately. but I have news for you. I have finally graduated!!!

And now I'm doing an Internship with a cool Multi-National company with chances of becoming permanent(finger-crossed). Now, It was a tough journey and I know many of you have to cross this path and many have already done it, but remember one thing, NEVER loose your focus. Never get your sights away from your target. I know there will be some classes you will miss, but keep in mind as long as you'll cover it up in the end, it doesn't matter. And never underestimate yourself. You'll be surprised what you can accomplish by trying new things. Also dont isolate yourself from others, you'll be surprised in what ways they can help you.

So, guys all the best. Ill see you later

Friday, March 17, 2017

The rise and fall of the Roman Empire

On November of 2013, a team consisting of three men made their debut and quickly changed the face of the WWE, one of those men was Roman Reigns. The silent Powerhouse of The Shield. His contributions whilst still being part of the stable made him very prominent, those accomplishments were, record-tying most survivor series eliminations and record breaking eliminations in a single rumble. He was surely in the keen eyes of the WWE universe but not as much as Vince McMahon. It so happens the chairman of the board set his sights on making Roman Reigns the face of the company and it made sense, he had the looks, he was big and strong but the news spread to the WWE universe and soon the fans were in fear of having another John Cena, meaning predictable storyline, underdog booking and always going over.

 And then the the worst happened, at the royal rumble 2015 match, Reigns emerged victorious after a very lackluster show and predictable winner. That event marked the official fall of the Roman Empire, part of it could be due to the lack of predictability, the other could be because the fans had this foreseen and then due to Daniel Bryan, due to his rise in popularity and lack of main event spotlight. The crowd turned on Roman Reigns who not only was the face but was also heading into the main event of the biggest wreslting event, WrestleMania and that too against the biggest heel on the roster, Brock Lesnar. 

Original plans were rumored for Reigns to beat Brock Lesnar and cement his legacy as WWE's top star but due to the overwhelming negative reaction from not only fans but critics, WWE changed there plans and had him lose the match. At the end of the year, then champion Seth Rollins (who cashed in his money in the bank contract during the Lesnar-Reigns match at WrestleMania) was forced to vacate his WWE world championship due to an injury, he was scheduled to face Roman Reigns in the upcoming payperview but the idea was scratched and a tournament was held instead, it was pretty apparent Reigns was to win the tournament and once again was met with negative reactions. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Earnably - Globally Accepted

Hey everyone
Thought I'd share about a site called Earnably. Honestly, I hate to recommend any sites to people who are not in the USA or Canada. Several of the ones I use are considered global sites but everyone who joins them always tells me they have very little or no activities available. Keeping that in mind I started playing around with Earnably. As far as i know it's global but the amount of offers may vary.

You gather points by doing the offers and once you have enough you can exchange them for a giftcard There are three from which you can choose including PayPal, Amazon and Bitcoin. The value of the giftcards are usually dependent of how much you need, which you can get quickly (depends where you are from but it shouldn't take more the 1-3 days)

After making an account on Earnably and tinkering around a bit you'll notice, Earnably implements a Level system. Which is a good thing because it gives you a sense of accomplishment and makes your overall experience more enjoyable and competitive. I'm surprised not many sites implement this.
Now, when you start you'll be at Level 0, but don't get discouraged there is a way to increase your level. To upgrade to Level 1 you must complete a set of conditions found on their site. An easy list right, just wait a second theres two more Levels. To upgrade to.
The conditions they have set to complete each and every level is not too difficult, that you'll brush it off and its not too easy also to complete it casually. You must be thinking what's the point to do all these what do we gain, so heres the list:

Thats a whopping 20% referral bonus for life and 3% rebate on points. (color me impressed).


The Earning and The Redeeming

Earning points are fairly simple you participate on offers, watch videos, take surveys, daily contests. However, what peeked my interest was Actions. These are some of the tasks laid by Earnably to complete. And it ranges from making a video, tweeting, making a forum, reporting bugs etc. And the rewards ranges from 500 points to even 5 points. So,you can easily get $11 with a little bit of effort.

125 points  =  $1
225 points  =  $2
500 points  =  $5
1000 points = $10
2000 points = $20
3000 points = $30

Fairly straightforward, and it makes sense to wait and rack it up to 500 points. And as I mentioned earlier, after redeeming, they'll email you within 24-48 hours. And if you're Level 1, it would be instant.


Its got got a neat system of Leveling up, good incentives for their Action based tasks and Worldwide Accessibility that will give its competitors are run for their money. Plenty of offers going around, and yes sometimes surveys are limited because of being outside US and Canada, but that never stalled the enjoyment. I started it recently and had less time with it, but I can say with confidence that, you wont be disappointed.
I say give it a try, there are not many Worldwide reliable beermoney sites, but Earnably is definely the top contender.
Heres my link for all you who wanna join,